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The Sense of Desire


Description: He let all his desire tumble out in words as his desperation tumbled out in touches.
Pairing(s): Jb/Jr.
Warning(s): smut

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growing pains

  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • cbrtpr (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • non!au, romance, angst
  • description; jaebum was in denial. he hurts himself and jinyoung as a result. 
  • warnings; a bit of homophobic language.

i totally loved this oneshot, it was just a great read and i wish this author would write more fics ^^ (esp jbjr ones cz there’s not much fics of the two of them out there) 

I don't want to set the world on fire

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • kaisooproject (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • zombie!au
  • nc-17
  • description; kyungsoo survives the apocalypse, but jongin lives. 


  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • side!mark/jinyoung
  • alliancewithin (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • non!au, angst
  • description; jb and jr break up after they get a new member because jr starts to replace jb for mark.

my heart broke and i didn’t like jinyoung in this at all but it’s just a fanfic, i need to calm down and not take it so seriously lol.  

like the back of your hand

  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • hiphopbabylion (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • non!au, romance, fluff, humour 
  • description; sometimes jaebum can’t help but be annoyed that jinyoung knows him so well. most of the time, however, he knows he wouldn’t want it any other way. 

call it curiosity

  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • maiheaven (asianfanfics)
  • drabble
  • fluff
  • description; n/a 


  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • pumpkinspice123 (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • au, fluff, romance
  • pg-13
  • description; jongin falls in love with his patient on the operating table. 

30 Day (Sebaciel) OTP Challenge—Day One: Hand Holding


All things I’ve written for the challenge here.

Ciel smiles as Sebastian holds his hand, rubbing his thumb over the contract seal, admiring it.

    To him, it was a reminder that Sebastian was his, and only his.

    Nobody would take Sebastian away from him, and vice versa, nobody would take Ciel away from Sebastian—well, not without the person dying a painful death, that is.

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Anonymous whispered: pairing : jj project // canon // prompt : junior and jb have been together since jj project have debuted. JB actually proposes to Jr. on stage in front of the fans, not caring that he's exposed their sexuality to the world.


Warning: Unrealistic things going on.

Wordcount: 1.7k

Author: Jin

I actually really like this prompt, but it’s not realistic and at the end i just ramble shit but idk ; ; like hOW does one perfect a prompt like this. but anyway i had my inspirations that I would like to share, like this:


yep enjoy(?)

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