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He and He (KriSuho) by LittleSuhoLittleSix 
kris: can you please…behave?
suho: “meow~
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Title: 썸 (Some)
Artist: Topp Dogg
Played: 8,675 times

[ACAPELLA COVER] Topp Dogg - 썸 Some (SoYou X JunggiGo)


Zombieland (2009).

"Hey, for fuck’s sake, enough already! We are being chased by ravenous freaks! We don’t have enough problems? ‘Oh, they stole my Hummer!’ ‘Oh, we have trust issues!’ Well, get over it, okay?! We can’t just fucking drive down the road playing I Spy or some shit for two hours like four normal-ass Americans?!"

  • himchan/jongup
  • jongupsvagina (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • au, fluff
  • description; jongup wants to love every part that himchan hates




translations and typesetting by blizzard-bells


So someone brought this to my attention.

Fanfic writers, please be aware this is happening. It’s probably in your best interest to make it known to your readers if you don’t want your stuff sent to these people.  I know I personally wouldn’t, because they have a track record for awfulness and I don’t see them breaking the cycle any time soon.  If you do find your stuff is being sent to them, I’d suggest you figure out a way to lock it up so they can’t access it.

Fanfic readers, do not under any circumstances send your favourite fics to these people without the writer’s express permission for you to do so.  You don’t know what they are going to say about your favourite fic or the person who wrote it, and I’m worried this might end with a lot of people deleting their fics because of Eat Your Kimchi being terrible human beings.

Just a heads up.

  • himchan/daehyun
  • jongupsvagina (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • girl!au, smut
  • m
  • description; boys bore himchan. they’re all the same, terrible pick up lines and bad skin, ego bigger than their damned heads. himchan enjoys cutting them down, making them feel small all over again. she’s consistently pestered every single day to be their girlfriend or to meet them behind the gym: himchan has no interest in these boys and their over-bearing nature wasn’t helping at all. nonetheless, himchan can easily ignore them though because she has her best friend, daehyun. daehyun is really pretty. she has deep brown eyes and puffy lips that himchan likes to watch whenever she talks. (she also likes to kiss them a lot, too, but that’s a secret.)

this is the first time i’ve ever read a himdae fic and it was a girl!au and i liked it lol. 

Title: 특별한 남자 (Feat. MIRYO)
Album: 특별한 남자
Played: 523 times

♨ LUNAFLY / Special Guy

Baby, baby, you're my caramel macchiato
Still near my lips, you have a sweet fragrance.
Baby, baby, you taste better than a caffe latte
Do you remember that mild feeling?
Baby, baby, tonight...
You Can’t Fool Me || One Shot


My contribution to the OTP Battle.

Fandom: Kuroko no basuke

Characters: Akashi,  Kuroko

Pairing: AkaKuro

Submitted: to the OTP battle

"Akashi, you need to learn how to be nice to everybody. You can’t just yell at everyone."
Akashi was bouncing the ball, staring at Kuroko who just walked up to him. They were practicing in the Teiko gym.
"What do you mean? I can do whatever I like, why should it concern you? If i want to order people around and their feelings get hurt, then it has nothing to do with me. That’s their problem."
Kuroko frowned,”You should care about other people’s feeling. You just yelled at a first year for simply not paying attention and he ended up crying, running out the gym.”
"And did you see anyone come up to me, to tell me what i did was wrong? No. All I did was scare him into submission. I always do that, and guess what? It works."
"But it’s wrong. You shouldn’t do that, disregarding other people’s feelings like it means nothing…." Kuroko claimed.
Akashi, feeling impatient, sneered, “And you don’t tell me what to do or not to do.”
Kuroko, hurt, stepped back, “I was just pointing out-“
Aomine who was standing nearby, listening to their conversation, walked up behind Kuroko.
"Oi Akashi! Stop bullying Kuroko, leave him alone." He chimed in.
Akashi, face curled up in disgust, looked at Aomine. “How about you go back to practice, and leave me with Kuroko. We can resolve this on our own.”
Aomine, unsure, looked at Kuroko, shrugged and left without another word.
"You see! You should be more careful what you say to others, or you’ll scare eveyone away!"
"Shut it. I don’t need your lecture. Now get back to practice." Akashi commanded, sharply.
"Not until you promise to be nicer from now on." Kuroko replied, firmly, not letting his words get to him.
"If you think I am too mean and hurt other people’s feelings, then how come you are still here? Wouldn’t it mean that I hurt your feelings as well?" Akashi pointed out.
Kuroko shocked by his words, did not know what to tell him. Akashi was right, he has been insulting him ever since he initiated the converstaion.
"Or is it because my attitude does not get to you?" Akashi, face filling with realization when Kuroko did not reply for a while. He grinned, "You actually like me this way! "
"T-That’s not it!" Kuroko shot back. "Why would someone like a bastard like you? Stop jumping to conclusions!"
Akashi smiled, teeth showing, “I don’t know, maybe someone likes it when I am rude to everyone…..maybe they like how aggressive I could be .”
Kuroko blushed, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” He finally said.


Cut Me In Half

Poorly attempted poem-into-pics drawings. Originally posted for OTP Battle on Basketball Poet Society

Credits to AkashiKuroko for the typesetting and revisions

based on this eh poem, written when I felt too emotional

yellowbabybunny asked: Can you do a YoungLo/BangJae fic based off this gifset? yasuis(.)tumblr(.)com/post/77933176381/its-like-yongguk-calling-youngjae-cute-and There are so many ways this could go, so I'm just gonna leave it to you wonderful, talented authors to decide where to take it. Thanks in advance! :D


Admin Feathers told me it is your B-Day today, so I moved your request to the top ^_^ I really hope you like it and THANK YOU so much for the amazing compliments >///< Hope you like it~! <3

Ah! so the gif set this is based off of for everyone: , umm also maybe this one? 

Consequences of a Bad Habit

                Zelo was making his way from the kitchen to the living room after grabbing a quick snack. He was slightly dancing to the music flowing from his earphones and when inspiration hit he stopped walking to do a more complicated dance movement. Once the section was done Zelo smiled and was about to continue on walking but Youngjae was now blocking his way.

                Before Zelo could ask if he needed anything, Youngjae got on his toes to give Zelo a peck on the cheek.

                “Hyung!” Zelo clapped his hand to his cheek.

                Youngjae laughed. “You are just too cute sometimes. Just be thankful I’m not biting you!”

                “You wouldn’t actually bite me, would you?” Zelo asked feeling skeptical.

                Youngjae put his hands up, acting like they were claws. “You better run Zelo or I might just attack you.”

                “Youngjae Hyung…” Zelo took a step back, not sure if the older boy was teasing him or not.

                “Too cute.” Youngjae chuckled. He feigned a jump forward and Zelo stumbled back and started to run towards the couch. “Now I have to chase you!” Youngjae groaned, but ended with a smile.

                They started running around the living room, into the kitchen, and around the dining table. Zelo’s long legs kept him ahead of Youngjae, but Youngjae was clever enough to always block the hallway that led to the bedroom. Zelo was calling out for Youngjae to stop, but Youngjae kept replying that Zelo’s cuteness was too much so he couldn’t stop.

                They were rounding the dining table once again when Youngjae felt something encircle his waist. He yelped as he was pulled back.

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  • jonghyun/key (junghee/gwiboon)
  • g-odalisque13 (livejournal)
  • oneshot
  • smut, girl!au
  • nc-17
  • description; it turns out that hating someone and wanting them isn’t so different after all.

i’ve been on a girl!au rampage lately. and i’ve been checking out most of g-odalisque13’s fanfics since i love the way this author writes. 

  • yongguk/daehyun
  • bangdaes (livejournal)
  • oneshot
  • au, romance, fantasy
  • pg-13
  • description; once upon a time, there lived a writer. his name was yongguk. once upon a time, the writer fell in love. his name was daehyun.