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blackfemalepresident whispered: banglo where zelo confesses his feelings to yongguk but yongguk doesnt feel the same


"Hyung, I know we don’t have a lot of time right now, but I can’t stand hiding it anymore, it hurts too much. I love you, hyung. So much. I think about you all the time. Please, please tell me it’s okay," he reaches for Yongguk’s hand, but the elder snatches it away, surprise and fear apparent in his eyes.

"I can’t…" Yongguk sighs and squeezes his eyes shut, rubbing his temple as he mulls over his words for a moment, "I can’t say what you’re feeling is wrong. I never want you to feel like it’s bad to love someone, but. I can’t return your feelings, Junhong. Even if I could, there’s no way we would’ve been able to… I know it’s probably not going to make you feel better, but it would’ve been impossible no matter what, so it’s probably best to just put it out of your mind, okay?"

Junhong choked out a sob, halting Yongguk who impulsively reached forward to comfort him. He blinked back his tears and shook his head, giving Yongguk a weak smile. “I kind of figured that,” he said, his voice trembling, “But I never would’ve forgiven myself if I didn’t at least try.”

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"Did you steal the money?"


Pairing: Banglo

Fandom: B.A.P (aka that rice group)

Length: 1,288w

Warning: some bad language yeh that’s it

Day 2 of this 30 day writing challenge 

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Junhong stood still with his head hung heavily, looking down at his feet.

“This isn’t fair…” he mumbled quietly hoping it wouldn’t be heard. Luck was clearly not on his side today because he could hear Mr. Bang grumble beside him.


Junhong winced in fear and backed away from his teacher. His hands were visibly shaking but his face so emotionless it was scary. He didn’t want to show any weakness in his expression. He had nothing to be afraid of anyways, because he didn’t steal that money.

“I told you Mr. Bang I didn’t steal the money. Why won’t you believe me?” Junhong replied calmly.

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please don't

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • side!jongin/krystal, chanyeol/kyungsoo, chanyeol/baekhyun
  • kaifuckinsoo (asianfanfics)
  • threeshot
  • au, romance, angst, smut
  • m
  • description; with every kiss from jongin’s lips, kyungsoo feels his heart break a little more.

when i first saw that it was slightly based on the song “please don’t” by k.will, i just knew it was going to be such a good fic and i was right! this was absolutely amazing~ 

tahoe beach

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • hint!luhan/kyungsoo
  • kailovesdo (asianfanfics)
  • twoshot
  • highschool!au, romance, angst, smut
  • m
  • description; when his high school bully starts making nice at their summer job, kyungsoo is confused and suspicious. 

the situation

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • leedabah (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • non!au, angst, comedy, fluff, romance
  • description; kyungsoo is gay while jongin is not. at least, not from the start. 

the lines and spaces between us

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • mentioned!chanyeol/baekhyun, suho/krystal, jongin/sulli
  • seulpeo (forjongin’s livejournal)
  • twoshot
  • r
  • warnings; cases of homophobia
  • description; jongin is not gay in the first place (or that is what he thinks so); but kyungsoo is a confusion, and he lets himself be confused.
  • links; [part one] [part two]

this was amazing! pls read it :) 

binkyzelo whispered: {okay, banglo crack!au, Yongguk work at a convini and Jello wants to... buy condoms. teehee}


Yongguk scanned the package mindlessly as it came across his counter, only looking up once he went to collect money for the purchase.

"Uh," he said, trying desperately not to laugh at the kid across from him, "What do you need these for?"

The boy quirked an eyebrow and smirked at him, making Yongguk’s stomach twist, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Anonymous whispered: banglo. Zelo is jealous over yongguk's attention to the other members and not him.


"I know we said we’d work on lyrics today but honestly since promotions are over, I just want to relax and grab some coffee with Himchan. We can work on this stuff tomorrow, okay?"

Junhong pursed his lips, closing his composition notebook and tossing it onto his bedside table. “I understand that. I’m tired of all this stuff right now too. So if that’s the case, why can’t you just relax with me?”

Yongguk sighed and shook his head, picking up his hoodie on the way to the door, “Another time, Junhong. I already promised Himchan.” And then he was gone before Junhong could remind him that he’d promised him, too.

Anonymous whispered: The sustal dating rumors spread and krystal starts to like suho for real but they became awkward because of the rumors.


“Have you seen this?” Sulli showed a news article about me and Suho. I gasped after reading the whole scoop. “You think he’s aware of this already?” I asked Sulli who’s busy ranting about the person who published the article. “I think so. Why don’t you ask him yourself?” I picked my phone and dialed Suho’s phone number. “Hello?” a faint voice emerged on the other line “Oppa did you….see the article?” I was stuttering, this is really embarrassing. It took a while to hear his answer, I guess he has seen it  “Yeah, but don’t worry about it. The rumors will die down”. He doesn’t seem to be disturbed by it and here am I worrying like a mom. “I guess so, thanks Oppa”, I hanged up and crash on the bed. Is it really going to be okay?


The following day, I began to notice how Suho has been distancing himself away from me. Was it because of the rumors? Yeah, most probably. But why do I feel a lump in my throat every time he passes by without even looking at me. Why do knots form in my stomach when he greets the other f(x) members with a smile on his face excluding me. It’s a feeling so indescribable, I want to rip my brains out from searching for the right answer. “Soojung” RIGHT, now I’m having hallucinations. I spinned around and almost screamed when I saw it was really Suho calling my name. “Hey. Uh sorry if It seems like I’m avoiding you. But this is what my members suggested. Soon after the rumor dies down, I guess we could go back to the way it was before.” He pats my head and walks away. Suho has no idea how corrosive his touch can be. Slowly, I begin to understand everything.  I’m falling for him.



My attempts to write Nekoma fic, part 1:

[Kuroo and Kenma talking, one-sided KuroTsuki implied]

"Kuroo. Please stop undressing the first-year with your eyes. It’s uncomfortable."

"He’s not even looking this way, I’m totally not bothering him."

"I meant me.I’m uncomfortable. Stop it.”

"This is why everyone thinks you’re boring, you realize. You’re absolutely no fun."

"I’m a riot of fun, and I have an entire volleyball team that will swear so up and down and sideways if I ask. Which, I’ll remind you, is entirely your fault. Now please detach your eyeballs from Tsukishima-kun’s chest, or I’ll tell Shouyou. It would be unfortunate if the Karasuno captain found out about where your eyes have been wandering to lately."

"Pffft, as if I-"

"And then he’ll tell Sugawara-senpai."

"I’m starting to get the feeling that you don’t love me anymore, Kenma."

"I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, and I’m borrowing your charger later, I haven’t finished level 71 yet and my battery’s almost out."

"And they all think you’re so quiet and nice."


  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • mentioned!suho/jongin
  • chaos- (asianfanfics)
  • chaptered, complete (10) 
  • au, angst, romance, friendship
  • m
  • description; kyungsoo is a normal university student, kai is a self proclaimed genius and the attraction between the two is more than obvious. while kyungsoo has an average brain, he doesn’t feel the need to pursue further intellect and likes to go with the flow of life, but kai, a genius with an unbelievably high IQ can never get enough. he’s constantly trying to find out more, trying to stuff his brain with as much knowledge as humanly possible, as if he wants to store it forever. the exclamation point joints with the question mark and creates an interrobang of romance, passion, lust, deceit, and possibly love.

i know my blog is meant to be recommending fanfics of various pairings but omfg i can’t stop my kaisoo shipping heart atm and i totally fell in love with this fic. kai is just hilarious, sehun is the bestest friend you could ever have and kyungsoo is such a strong character and i’m so happy this didn’t end on a sad note. a must read! (the way i described it seemed like it’s really all sunshine and rainbows but um, pls note that i wrote angst for one of the genres!) 

in life and love.

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • uponinfinity (livejournal)
  • oneshot
  • romance, slice of life
  • description; jongin promises to always stay by kyungsoo’s side. 

i absolutely adored this fic <333