my shipping world

Sehun: Tao.
Tao: Yes?
Sehun: Now... I know how you felt when he went.
Tao: Oh...

confess to me

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • yukimi (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • school!au, fluff, humour
  • g
  • description; he’s on a mission to confess his feelings for his best friend. 

The Sense of Desire


Description: He let all his desire tumble out in words as his desperation tumbled out in touches.
Pairing(s): Jb/Jr.
Warning(s): smut

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growing pains

  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • cbrtpr (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • non!au, romance, angst
  • description; jaebum was in denial. he hurts himself and jinyoung as a result. 
  • warnings; a bit of homophobic language.

i totally loved this oneshot, it was just a great read and i wish this author would write more fics ^^ (esp jbjr ones cz there’s not much fics of the two of them out there) 

I don't want to set the world on fire

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • kaisooproject (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • zombie!au
  • nc-17
  • description; kyungsoo survives the apocalypse, but jongin lives. 


  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • side!mark/jinyoung
  • alliancewithin (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • non!au, angst
  • description; jb and jr break up after they get a new member because jr starts to replace jb for mark.

my heart broke and i didn’t like jinyoung in this at all but it’s just a fanfic, i need to calm down and not take it so seriously lol.  

like the back of your hand

  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • hiphopbabylion (asianfanfics)
  • oneshot
  • non!au, romance, fluff, humour 
  • description; sometimes jaebum can’t help but be annoyed that jinyoung knows him so well. most of the time, however, he knows he wouldn’t want it any other way. 

call it curiosity

  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • maiheaven (asianfanfics)
  • drabble
  • fluff
  • description; n/a