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binkyzelo whispered: {okay, banglo crack!au, Yongguk work at a convini and Jello wants to... buy condoms. teehee}


Yongguk scanned the package mindlessly as it came across his counter, only looking up once he went to collect money for the purchase.

"Uh," he said, trying desperately not to laugh at the kid across from him, "What do you need these for?"

The boy quirked an eyebrow and smirked at him, making Yongguk’s stomach twist, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Anonymous whispered: banglo. Zelo is jealous over yongguk's attention to the other members and not him.


"I know we said we’d work on lyrics today but honestly since promotions are over, I just want to relax and grab some coffee with Himchan. We can work on this stuff tomorrow, okay?"

Junhong pursed his lips, closing his composition notebook and tossing it onto his bedside table. “I understand that. I’m tired of all this stuff right now too. So if that’s the case, why can’t you just relax with me?”

Yongguk sighed and shook his head, picking up his hoodie on the way to the door, “Another time, Junhong. I already promised Himchan.” And then he was gone before Junhong could remind him that he’d promised him, too.

Anonymous whispered: The sustal dating rumors spread and krystal starts to like suho for real but they became awkward because of the rumors.


“Have you seen this?” Sulli showed a news article about me and Suho. I gasped after reading the whole scoop. “You think he’s aware of this already?” I asked Sulli who’s busy ranting about the person who published the article. “I think so. Why don’t you ask him yourself?” I picked my phone and dialed Suho’s phone number. “Hello?” a faint voice emerged on the other line “Oppa did you….see the article?” I was stuttering, this is really embarrassing. It took a while to hear his answer, I guess he has seen it  “Yeah, but don’t worry about it. The rumors will die down”. He doesn’t seem to be disturbed by it and here am I worrying like a mom. “I guess so, thanks Oppa”, I hanged up and crash on the bed. Is it really going to be okay?


The following day, I began to notice how Suho has been distancing himself away from me. Was it because of the rumors? Yeah, most probably. But why do I feel a lump in my throat every time he passes by without even looking at me. Why do knots form in my stomach when he greets the other f(x) members with a smile on his face excluding me. It’s a feeling so indescribable, I want to rip my brains out from searching for the right answer. “Soojung” RIGHT, now I’m having hallucinations. I spinned around and almost screamed when I saw it was really Suho calling my name. “Hey. Uh sorry if It seems like I’m avoiding you. But this is what my members suggested. Soon after the rumor dies down, I guess we could go back to the way it was before.” He pats my head and walks away. Suho has no idea how corrosive his touch can be. Slowly, I begin to understand everything.  I’m falling for him.



My attempts to write Nekoma fic, part 1:

[Kuroo and Kenma talking, one-sided KuroTsuki implied]

"Kuroo. Please stop undressing the first-year with your eyes. It’s uncomfortable."

"He’s not even looking this way, I’m totally not bothering him."

"I meant me.I’m uncomfortable. Stop it.”

"This is why everyone thinks you’re boring, you realize. You’re absolutely no fun."

"I’m a riot of fun, and I have an entire volleyball team that will swear so up and down and sideways if I ask. Which, I’ll remind you, is entirely your fault. Now please detach your eyeballs from Tsukishima-kun’s chest, or I’ll tell Shouyou. It would be unfortunate if the Karasuno captain found out about where your eyes have been wandering to lately."

"Pffft, as if I-"

"And then he’ll tell Sugawara-senpai."

"I’m starting to get the feeling that you don’t love me anymore, Kenma."

"I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, and I’m borrowing your charger later, I haven’t finished level 71 yet and my battery’s almost out."

"And they all think you’re so quiet and nice."


  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • mentioned!suho/jongin
  • chaos- (asianfanfics)
  • chaptered, complete (10) 
  • au, angst, romance, friendship
  • m
  • description; kyungsoo is a normal university student, kai is a self proclaimed genius and the attraction between the two is more than obvious. while kyungsoo has an average brain, he doesn’t feel the need to pursue further intellect and likes to go with the flow of life, but kai, a genius with an unbelievably high IQ can never get enough. he’s constantly trying to find out more, trying to stuff his brain with as much knowledge as humanly possible, as if he wants to store it forever. the exclamation point joints with the question mark and creates an interrobang of romance, passion, lust, deceit, and possibly love.

i know my blog is meant to be recommending fanfics of various pairings but omfg i can’t stop my kaisoo shipping heart atm and i totally fell in love with this fic. kai is just hilarious, sehun is the bestest friend you could ever have and kyungsoo is such a strong character and i’m so happy this didn’t end on a sad note. a must read! (the way i described it seemed like it’s really all sunshine and rainbows but um, pls note that i wrote angst for one of the genres!) 

in life and love.

  • jongin/kyungsoo
  • uponinfinity (livejournal)
  • oneshot
  • romance, slice of life
  • description; jongin promises to always stay by kyungsoo’s side. 

i absolutely adored this fic <333 


  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • kwonmonsta (livejournal)
  • drabble
  • fluff
  • g
  • description; in which jinyoung coughs and jaebum overreacts. 

a heart for a heart


Jongin leaves an invisible trail of blood, his tainted shadow engulfs the dance floor. Kyungsoo stares in awe as he counts the number of steps he takes, and each of it seeps into his heart.

He’s dangerous, his heart screams.

As if theres a string around his soul, Kyungsoo starts moving towards the dancer. His eyes never left him and his heart gets stolen, bit by bit. The longer his eyes linger, the lesser hold he has on his heart.

His earpiece lies lazily around his neck and a muffled tune plays out. It slowly fades away as he gets closer to the dancer, the dancer with lazy eyes and a horrendous taste in socks. Nothing else matters now, it is just him and the dancer.

Be careful of the place where you put your heart. Don’t ever leave it with Kim Jongin.

Don’t even think about it.

Kyungsoo figures that it is a little too late for Luhan’s warning to play in his head, because he already had left his pathetic heart with him, from the very first moment when Kim Jongin appeared in his class, drenched and tired. The water dripping from his fringe drips into the empty spot where his heart used to be. The smell of rain lingers on his tongue and he thinks he’ll never forget the suffocating feeling in his chest when their eyes met.

"You’re drunk, Jongin. " he whispers loudly but the throbbing bass blocks his voice out. Jongin giggles and he pulls Kyungsoo by his arms.

"Who are you?"

Kyungsoo laughs bitterly and his heart cracks at the question. Right, who am I? Im the fool that loves you even though you’ll probably forget my name the next day if I say it now. Im the nonexistent classmate that no one cares about but yet you still greet me every morning with a sleepy smile. Im the bartender of the bar where you get wasted every night and I see you drowning yourself with the obnoxious music as you dance your heart out. But you’re still beautiful to me. Im the person who sees you breaking and im breaking along with you foolishly.

"I’m just a stranger. Let’s go, you can’t be like this anymore. "

As Kyungsoo leads the drunken man to the exit, he hears how Jongin’s strained laughter turns into painful sobs. Kyungsoo knows he’s going to lose his job because he’s late for work and he’ll have to worry about lunch and dinner for the next few weeks and about the rent deadline that will probably haunt him in his sleep.

He leaves Jongin in a cab and he pays the remaining of his pay to the driver. He takes out Jongin’s wallet to check his address but his heart breaks a little. There is a portrait of a girl in the clear pocket and he sees a smile on Jongin’s face he had never seen before. Before he mutters the address to the driver, he stares at Jongin fondly and he pats his head.

"Be happy again."

As the cab drives off, the last of Kyungsoo’s heart leaves along with the cab. Kyungsoo stares blankly at the entrance of the pub. He holds onto his empty chest and he walks in, into the obnoxious music and the deafening bass.

That night, Kyungsoo loses his job and his heart. Luhan’s warning still echoes in his head and Kyungsoo sighs sadly at it because Luhan’s right. Now with an empty shell, Kyungsoo becomes vulnerable and he breaks even more. He wonders about the heart he had left with Jongin. It’ll probably be thrown away in the morning when he wakes up because it’s useless and unwanted.


Kyungsoo walks into class with heavy footsteps and he dreads the figure that is hovering around his seat. I don’t need your stupid good morning, leave me alone, kyungsoo thinks and he dumps his bag onto the floor.

"Good morning," the voice pieces into his chest and Kyungsoo stops breathing for a second. Before he can say anything, a wad of cash is pushed into his face.

"And thank you, stranger."

Kyungsoo stares at the money and he smiles a little because he sees a heart amongst them and it isn’t his heart.

It was jongin’s heart.


An au where 9 year old jongin is a new student in 10 year old kyungsoo’s art class and kyungsoo learns that good things could be taken away in the blink of an eye.

kyungsoo actually hates art and painting but he’ll rather be in this class than listen to his parents fight for the rest of the day. its not a surprise that the two kids click and form a great friendship quickly. they have so much in common. jongin tries to help kyungsoo out on some techniques but only receives stomps and pouts from the other because he can’t get it right. the summer class ends 6 weeks later and the duo are sad that they won’t be able to see each other too often because they dont go to the same school. jongin waves to kyungsoo before he starts to cross the street to get to his mom. jongin cant hear his mom yelling at him to wait and get out of the street over the screeching of a car’s breaks.

kyungsoo only hears his own heartbeat thudding in his ear. he feels like he’s underwater and everything is moving in slow motion. all he can do is stare at what’s happening from across the street. the bright, flashing ambulance and police lights. the stretcher with jongin’s tiny body strapped in ready to be put in the back of the ambulance. blood on the street. blood on the car. blood on jongin’s face and clothes. jongin’s mom getting held back by a police officer for trying to fight the unfortunate driver. his eyes become blurry and suddenly he is held by someone that smells familiar. lavender. its his mom.

kyungsoo visits jongin in the hospital right after school the next day.jongin broke some bones and split his head, but he’s alive and kyungsoo strives to keep it like that. jongin can’t talk when he visits but his mouth and hand does twitch sometimes when kyungsoo says things and that’s enough for him. 3 days later, his parents tell him jongin is awake with a sad smile. they don’t know how to explain to kyungsoo what’s going on and feel he shouldn’t visit right now but kyungsoo is too excited to visit his best friend so he can scold him for being stupid. when he makes it in the hospital room, he runs to jongin’s bed side to flick him on the hand. but jongin whines to his mom to ask who this kid is that just hit him. kyungsoo tells him to quit playing but jongin’s mom tries to nicely tell him of jongin’s memory loss. he feels the tears prickle in his wide eyes. what? how could jongin not remember him? weren’t they best friends? why does his heart feel like its being stepped on?

✂jigsaw puzzle || jongbin


High school; the epidemy  of adolescence and desperation. Jongsuk watched as his peers drowned themselves in school work. Whether it be staying after school for extra lessons, during extra credit, joining a after school study program, what-have-you. He watched as they drowned themselves in dreams of becoming doctors and lawyers and blah blah blah.  Jongsuk liked to believe he was above all that - his parents like to believe he was defected; like a broken toy that needs to be recalled, but can’t because what would the neighbors think.

Maybe he was broken. He didn’t know. He liked to believe he was a speck of dust that gets pushed away when it is time to clean the house. No one actually really cared about anyone, but themselves (though Jongsuk was the same way, so maybe he was calling the kettle black). Either way, he had no dreams, no ambitions. When asked what he wanted to be, he replied a ‘bum’. When asked why, he said ‘cause’. His peers laughed while the parents grimaced.

Still, with little interest in anything, it was honestly hard to believe Jongsuk was in high school at all. He barely manages to pass his classes. The most math he could do is add and subtract (a little bit of multiplication, but division be damned). If you asked him to look for ‘x’, he would point at it and say ‘there’. 

His success in school was all due towards his father. He was a rich, divorced by his alcoholic disgrace of a mother, with a new pretty wife that was five years older than him and a pretty new red sports car. His father wouldn’t let his only son be a failure, no way, no how.

So there Jongsuk was, standing in front of his new class, their annoyingly broken eyes staring back at his empty ones, wondering who he was, but in a few hours they won’t care. 

"I’m Jongsuk." Feel free to forget my existence, he thought.